Week 2: Meditation

Challenge for Week 2: Meditation.

So somehow it seems that most successful people meditate, and mindfulness is like the new hype, nowadays more popular than quinoa, maybe even cross fit. Either way, we all have read or heard how amazing it is. So this week’s challenge is meditate for 20 minutes a day, and see what happens.

Now, talking about challenges, how did asking people for discounts go?

Well, frankly, pretty shit. But in a good way! Things learned from asking discounts:

1. It is scary. I thought it would be less scary the more I did it, but it is still awkward to ask unsuspecting people to lower some prices.

2. Some people do it all the time, and it is know as haggling, it becomes easier once you look at it that way.

3. Does not work too well in major chains, which I knew before I did it, as there is usually not a till button in existence, which says: ‘10% Discount People Doing the Coffee Challenge!’ Sadly.

4. Definitely worth doing it, because though asking for discounts not necessarily becomes something you want to do all the time, but you understand that it is OKAY to do that.

My success rate was pretty low, because I was not doing it in a very masterful way, and because I did not really want to buy anything major, and getting discounts off big items could prove to be potentially more successful – will update this post, as I will try this out on something more substantial. Now, on with the story:

– I asked for a discount at the local M&S, I was buying a pair of tights, and asked the lady at the till if I could have a 10% discount. Her answer – no.

– Joe & The Juice: Hey, I’m doing this challenge, can I have a discount or a free upgrade on this Fibre Active with Strawberries? Rejection. Though, I do think that it would have been successful if someone more chilled was at the till, as this guy was new to the place.

– Jones shoe shop, tried asking for a discount on an already discounted pair of heels, the guy said, the prices are going back up later, and he cannot reduce it any further. Oh.


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