Week 2: Meditation

Challenge for Week 2: Meditation.

So somehow it seems that most successful people meditate, and mindfulness is like the new hype, nowadays more popular than quinoa, maybe even cross fit. Either way, we all have read or heard how amazing it is. So this week’s challenge is meditate for 20 minutes a day, and see what happens.

Now, talking about challenges, how did asking people for discounts go?

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Week 1: Coffee Challenge

The challenge is to live cheap this week – it is the coffee challenge. As I mentioned, this blog is much indebted to Tim Ferriss and Noah Cagan, who were discussing this particular on the Tim Ferriss Show (check it out here, it’s amazing).

What is the coffee challenge? The idea is – you go to a coffee shop and order your drink, AND ask for a 10% discount. Simple! Also known as – Getting out of Your Comfort Zone 101, starting tomorrow for a week by asking for a 10% discount in a different place each day.

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