Trial & Error, Week, What?

Thanks to Tim Ferriss and Noah Cagan for the first challenge to go on Facebook and start a mailing list. But what is a good challenge if not a challenge taken too seriously.

And so the idea the idea to do a mailing list/blog for self-development came to be (could someone come up with a term that would actually make this concept go all hashtag worthy? Not that I use hashtags yet, though I don’t see people going – I’m all about self-development and continuous improvement).

What you can expect from me:

1) Each Sunday, I will post a challenge, in the form of a tip (that for example would push one out of their comfort zone, or some productivity hack, anything that could make someone update their current version of themselves).

2) Each Sunday, I will report the findings from the previous week challenge – did it work, was it horrible and why, etc.


Why I am doing this:

1) You can join me in these challenges – we are then both more motivated, because we want to do it as good or better – it’s easier to do this with someone, because you are then accountable.

2) Talking about being accountable, this is blog is the definition of being accountable.

Have fun!