Week 3: No Complaining

The name is quite giving, and this week it is the No Complaining Challenge. For seven days, I will not complain about small, medium, large, massive matters that are a cause for distress, and somehow call for vocalization.

Before I continue telling about my meditation challenge, I wish to ponder about challenges in general. The thing I have been learning is that you need to have some leeway, Tim Ferriss in his podcast said that if you think you can do 20 minutes of meditation, go for 10. Essentially, make it easy for yourself to make small wins! I think that is the key to a successful challenge, and as a result, instead of going into panic mode if I by accident unfavourably mention the tourists blocking my path on the tube, I will do a push-up (I will make a note of it, and probably not do it on the tube itself, though that could be a badass challenge on its own) so I can track how many complaints I made, as well as move a wristband from one wrist to the other (it is a 21 day challenge, and if you move the wristband, the days countdown restarts – I will be doing the 21 days, but for the sake of this blog, will focus on the first seven days).

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Week 2: Meditation

Challenge for Week 2: Meditation.

So somehow it seems that most successful people meditate, and mindfulness is like the new hype, nowadays more popular than quinoa, maybe even cross fit. Either way, we all have read or heard how amazing it is. So this week’s challenge is meditate for 20 minutes a day, and see what happens.

Now, talking about challenges, how did asking people for discounts go?

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Week 1: Coffee Challenge

The challenge is to live cheap this week – it is the coffee challenge. As I mentioned, this blog is much indebted to Tim Ferriss and Noah Cagan, who were discussing this particular on the Tim Ferriss Show (check it out here, it’s amazing).

What is the coffee challenge? The idea is – you go to a coffee shop and order your drink, AND ask for a 10% discount. Simple! Also known as – Getting out of Your Comfort Zone 101, starting tomorrow for a week by asking for a 10% discount in a different place each day.

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Trial & Error, Week, What?

Thanks to Tim Ferriss and Noah Cagan for the first challenge to go on Facebook and start a mailing list. But what is a good challenge if not a challenge taken too seriously.

And so the idea the idea to do a mailing list/blog for self-development came to be (could someone come up with a term that would actually make this concept go all hashtag worthy? Not that I use hashtags yet, though I don’t see people going – I’m all about self-development and continuous improvement).

What you can expect from me:

1) Each Sunday, I will post a challenge, in the form of a tip (that for example would push one out of their comfort zone, or some productivity hack, anything that could make someone update their current version of themselves).

2) Each Sunday, I will report the findings from the previous week challenge – did it work, was it horrible and why, etc.


Why I am doing this:

1) You can join me in these challenges – we are then both more motivated, because we want to do it as good or better – it’s easier to do this with someone, because you are then accountable.

2) Talking about being accountable, this is blog is the definition of being accountable.

Have fun!